Cool things about blogging.

You can finally say you’ve seen it all now. You are staring right smack at a blog article written about blogging. I am blogging about blogging. I guess my creativity has gone out the window eh? Well. So be it. I don’t come up with our topics I just write them. If you want to complain please fill out a comment form and we will forward it to whichever personality in my brain decided the topic of the day. If you aren’t willing to put the energy into a complaint then just shut up, read the blog, like and subscribe.

My mind has this incredible gift to be able to twist everything in the world into something negative. It’s pretty annoying 99% of the time. The other 1% is the amount of hope I have of anything positive ever happening. I can’t say that the things we see or think are not true or that there isn’t any truth behind them but I can say that due to my fear of the good things I miss out on love. This was just something I was pondering after someone mentioned that not everyone likes to write or blog so me liking it was cool to them. I just thought it was weird that something that is so enjoyable to me – something basically anyone can do – isn’t something that EVERYONE would WANT to do. I can understand when people say they hate exercising or running or sports because they aren’t competitive or they feel they aren’t coordinated or good enough. Some athleticism is natural and then the rest is learned. Some people just are not naturally athletic. Writing doesn’t feel the same to me. We can all write or learn to write, get consistently better at writing. We don’t need to spend hours in pain working out in order to write an article that hardly anyone is going to read. So why? Why wouldn’t someone want to write?

I really don’t know but my mind has naturally just assumed that I must just like writing and blogging because I like attention. I need attention and outside validation or I am not happy. Am I THAT narcissistic that I would think people would want to read anything I have to say? I guess so. Okay brain this is it. We have figured out the great reason why we like to write. I am now officially a narcissist. Just a selfish piece of shit who needs to be heard and seen by others. Let’s even over analyze it and say that I’m sure we are secretly finding a way to abuse and manipulate our readers because that is what a great narc does right? We better get out the DSM-5 to see what else narcs do because I am sure we are all of those things. And even the fact that I can diagnose myself with everything in the DSM-5 just proves I think everything is about me and we are def toxic AF. So, FML. FOL. FAL.

Yes. This is a healthy outlook. I am so glad we spent so many years in therapy. We are healed now. It’s amazing.

For you older folks…FML(fuck my life), FOL(fuck our life), FAL(fuck all the lives). FML is the only real abbreviation, I made up the other 2 which might actually show that I have grown in some ways as 20 years ago I would have been afraid of what some had thought about me just making up abbreviations. Look at me go.

I love everything about writing. It’s true. Why? I get to speak without getting interrupted. I get to communicate without anxiety, give people time to feel how they feel and think how they think. I get to EDIT, EDIT, EDIT so I am able to read my writing from at least 50 different perspectives before it ever lubricates the brain cells of one person. Writing brings out truth in moments because no one has to be anything other than what they hold inside at that moment.

It’s the safety of being alone without actually being alone.

It is magic.

Now, if only I could figure out how to use a comma correctly I’d be set.

Thanks for reading and sharing in the magic with me. You are appreciated. All 5 of you. 😉

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