My lingerie.

So many weird little facets about ourselves. We all have little things that we do, things that bring us a comfort or a safety that we need. Some of us aware of what they are and where they come from and some of us not so much. Silly things that either bring us shame or …

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Writer’s Block.

I wouldn't say that I ever have writer's block. Well, I guess it depends on the actual definition. Sometimes I cannot figure out what I want to write about but that doesn't mean there are not things for me to write about. It just means I am unsure of how I am feeling and where …

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Dust in the Wind.

Music is perhaps one of the fastest and scariest vehicles to a place filled with emotions we may not know, understand or be able to process on our own. It's where I find myself at times and at times I have to turn the music off. How can something so harmless feel so threatening? Each …

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I don't have insomnia but I didn't know what I should title a post that is just about how I can only sleep for 4 hours straight and then wake with an anxiety that could fuel a freight train. So everyday I begin at somewhere around midnight and I guess that's just the way it's …

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Wow, you’re dramatic.

The leaves are starting to change colors. The ones the forest describes as the go-getters. The leaves who decide they are done with summer and wish to end their existence on a path or sidewalk somewhere. The cool breeze in the mornings is a surprise that I never asked for. It would be considered a …

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