Dust in the Wind.

Music is perhaps one of the fastest and scariest vehicles to a place filled with emotions we may not know, understand or be able to process on our own. It's where I find myself at times and at times I have to turn the music off. How can something so harmless feel so threatening? Each …

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I don't have insomnia but I didn't know what I should title a post that is just about how I can only sleep for 4 hours straight and then wake with an anxiety that could fuel a freight train. So everyday I begin at somewhere around midnight and I guess that's just the way it's …

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Justice. Finally.

I won't ever get justice for all of the times I have been treated poorly by Kaiser Permanente but I will celebrate the small wins because that is just the positive person I am. (Giant laughing emoji) One gloomy night a few weeks ago I noticed my phone was alive with an incoming call from …

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