My lingerie.

So many weird little facets about ourselves. We all have little things that we do, things that bring us a comfort or a safety that we need. Some of us aware of what they are and where they come from and some of us not so much. Silly things that either bring us shame or …

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Cool things about blogging.

You can finally say you've seen it all now. You are staring right smack at a blog article written about blogging. I am blogging about blogging. I guess my creativity has gone out the window eh? Well. So be it. I don't come up with our topics I just write them. If you want to …

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Gifts from Social Work.

My job is difficult. I know everyone has a difficult job, there are difficult things about EVERY job. I get it. There are, however, many emotional difficulties that come from jobs that involve humans in difficult and traumatic situations on a daily basis. This encompasses many career choices such as EMT's, Shelter Workers, Nurses, Social …

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Justice. Finally.

I won't ever get justice for all of the times I have been treated poorly by Kaiser Permanente but I will celebrate the small wins because that is just the positive person I am. (Giant laughing emoji) One gloomy night a few weeks ago I noticed my phone was alive with an incoming call from …

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Wow, you’re dramatic.

The leaves are starting to change colors. The ones the forest describes as the go-getters. The leaves who decide they are done with summer and wish to end their existence on a path or sidewalk somewhere. The cool breeze in the mornings is a surprise that I never asked for. It would be considered a …

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Let us introduce ourselves..

Well, well, well.. if it isn't the blog post we've been hesitating to write. Why? No reason. Just haven't felt like participating in anything that involves expressing our inner lives I guess. We started this blog many many years ago, however, with school and work and life we have not kept up. I (Jackie) is …

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